Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Looking for ways to promote your small business in Adelaide?

So youve made the decision to start up your own business. Congratulations! However, there are probably a hundred different things running through your mind. There is so much to consider and organise, such as your business name and ABN, what your logo is going to be, how youre going to do your record keeping and what accounting systems youre going to use, writing a business planthe list goes on and on.

In general you will also find yourself constantly putting your hand in your pocket to pay for all of this. This means you probably need to get some customersfast! For the small business owner cash flow is critical to keeping your new business ticking over. Therefore you need to spread the word that you are open and looking to do business.

Fortunately there are some simple, cost-effective methods that the new small business owner can us to promote your business.

1.    Make the most of your documents
Use every piece of paper that leaves your business, such as order forms, invoices and all other business stationery, as well as your electronic documents, as a way to showcase your contact details, including your business name, address, phone number, mobile, fax and website address. Dont forget to make the most of your email signature as well. There are many times that I have used someones email signature as a way of finding out their phone number to call them.
2.    Build a positive online presence with well-written articles
Think of articles as the electronic version of word-of-mouth advertising. If you are a real estate agent, for example, you could write an article on preparing your home for open inspection. This would ideally include some helpful tips on what to do and what not to do to get the best possible sale price. This kind of free advice is not only useful to potential customers, but it can also set you apart from your competition, particularly if you are giving advice on a niche topic.
3.    Share good news with electronic press releases
There are plenty of free press release sites to choose from. A press release contains newsworthy information that is engaging. Has your business recently expanded? Do you have a new product? Have you or your company won an award? All of these are examples of what your press release may be about.
4.    Become active on social media
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to the kinds of social media platforms available today, some of which we covered in a previous post. Each platform has its own benefits and features, so it can be worthwhile trying a few out to see which one suits your business best depending on who you want to reach and what you want to say. The great news is that it's free to set up social media accounts.
5.    Give out some freebies
Everyone loves to get something for free, and I
m not talking big, expensive items. There are some very affordable online options available which allow you to print your logo on just about anything, including magnets, pens, USB flash drives, mousepads, keyrings and more. Small items such as these can go a long way in creating goodwill and building a positive impression of you and your business.
6.    Share your thoughts by writing a blog
A blog is basically an online journal that is available on the web. It is a great place for people to get to know you and what your business is about. Just like this one!
7.    Start creating videos
Sharing your knowledge with How To…’ videos can be incredibly helpful to others. You can start your own YouTube channel to post your videos as well as share those of other users that are relevant to your target audience. You dont need to have a slick production team, all you need is a smartphone.
8.    List your business with free online directory sites
Local business directories such as
Google Plus Local, Bing Places for Business and Yahoo Local are all important ways of helping your business get found online. Make sure that you include a good description of your business and a link to your website.
9.    Reward returning customers
A loyalty reward card encourages customers to keep coming back to your business. Do you go to the same coffee shop because your tenth cup of coffee is free? If you do, then you already understand the power of a loyalty card for repeat business.
10. Run a competition
Running a competition is good way to entice new customers. Its also a great way to get people talking about your brand. Social media sites can be great for promoting your competition and can also attract new followers for your business.

Todays online options are incredibly affordable when compared to traditional advertising such as newspaper, radio or television ads. When you start a new business, youre full of passion and enthusiasmharness that energy and make the most of every opportunity to promote your business.

Written by +Denise Angus

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